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Established Jan 15, 1986. Service is not just part of our name, but a large part of our company’s culture. Our entire management team and all of our skilled technicians take pride in providing unparalleled customer service..

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Recovering sentimental items and legal document


The truth is that there are usually many items that need to be recouped and recovered. ServiceMaster Restore tailors an exceptional cleaning plan for all of our customers, always keeping in mind saving items within the mess that a functioning household should have.

ServiceMaster Restore specializes in recovering items of sentimental value, all legal documents, bills, statements, photographs, and anything of monetarist value. The extra clutter is what we strive to address within the hoarder’s home, either by letting these items go through contribution, recycling, shredding, or dumping of obvious trash. Rest convinced though, if items are in the home, WE WILL FIND IT!